Journeying The Globe

    We at Journeying The Globe put travelers at the core of everything we do, creating trusted and up-to-date content from firsthand experience by visiting every destination. We hope to inspire people to go outside their comfort zone and experience what makes the world an amazing place.

    True reflection

    We will always endeavour to bring you the most up to date content, providing a true reflection of our planet, its 7 continents and 193 countries. We create content that you can trust by visiting every destination we write about.

    Animal protection

    Protection of the animals of our world is a constant righteous pursuit that here at Journeying The Globe we promise to work and act relentlessly to achieve, we stand as a voice for nature and all of the animal kingdom.

    One Family

    Here at Journeying The Globe we welcome people of the world from all backgrounds, genders, abilities, religious beliefs and cultures, we embrace and believe that we are all united under a connected global family.



    To grow naturally and organically striving to provide value to a worldwide audience