The Best Pizza Restaurants in Bali: 7 Unmissable Spots

Best pizza in Bali
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From the greasy cheese to the meaty toppings, sweet sauce, and crispy crusts, all the ingredients in pizza are irresistible on their own. But according to culinary scientists, their unique flavor compounds mean they taste even better together, so it’s no surprise pizza is beloved worldwide.

Native to Italy but adopted by cuisines everywhere, we all know our favorite pizza spots back home, but why is it so hard to find the good stuff when we’re on holiday? Fear not. If you’re venturing to Bali’s sultry shores, you’re in luck. From Canggu’s music venues to Uluwatu’s cliffside restaurants, the island won’t disappoint when it comes to great pizza. 

So if you find yourself craving everyone’s favorite combination of cheese and carbs, this guide has you covered. And if you’re not a pizza fan, it’s only because you’ve not been to these joints yet. From wood-fired ovens, New York slices, and the finest imported ingredients, our journey through the best pizza in Bali covers all bases, gluten-free or otherwise. So let’s get into it. These seven pizza spots are coming in hot.  

Milk & Madu, Canggu

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Located right in the center of Canggu’s bustling streets, with locations on Batu Bolong and Pantai Berawa, Milk & Madu’s artisan pizzas are renowned for good reason. Milk & Madu is a neighborhood hangout boasting Canggu’s signature coolness and is a favorite for all-day breakfast, family dinners, and wood-fired pizza.  

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“Madu” means honey in Bahasa, Bali’s native tongue. The restaurant name perfectly represents the marriage between Australian soul food and local influences on Milk & Madu’s menu. 

All their pizzas have fun names, and the menu is extensive, from meat lover options to vegan-friendly varieties and even white-bases. Milk & Madu is famous for its great value 2-for-1 pizza deal on Sundays and Wednesdays, with prices ranging from $8 to $14 for two pizzas. It’s perfect for when your bank account is feeling the effects of the night before too.

Visit the Beach Road outlet for a hippy surfer vibe and expertly brewed coffee, or check out the spacious outdoor dining area of the Berawa location for live music and a family-friendly atmosphere. They even have a spot in Ubud if you’re heading to the jungle for a few days and need good pizza to get you through. 

Massimo, Sanur

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We can’t mention pizza without paying homage to its Italian roots. Massimo Sacco has been serving up authentic Italian cuisine in Bali for over two decades. The rich culinary traditions of his home of Southern Italy inspire all of the dishes at Massimo Restaurant in Sanur. 

Sacco prioritizes quality at his restaurant, turning up his nose to snobby cooking: “I don’t do fancy food. I just love to pick my produce and ingredients carefully. That’s how you get meals that taste real.” The result is homemade and traditional plates of pasta and pizza, dished up in a rustic environment with alfresco dining options. 

Sanur is on Bali’s southeast coast, and the port town is close to Nusa Dua, home to some of the best resorts in Bali. If you’re staying in the area, make sure Massimo’s is at the top of your agenda, and don’t miss out on the gelato that’s renowned across the island. 

Luigi’s Hot Pizza, Canggu

Best pizza in Bali
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Canggu is Bali’s food hub, with more amazing eateries in such a small radius than anywhere else on the island. So it’s no surprise that it makes several appearances on this list, and Luigis Hot Pizza is one of the most notable. 

Both a tourist and local favorite, this vibrant open-air venue is a place for pizza lovers and partygoers alike. With DJ events and discounted pizzas for as little as $5 every Monday and Wednesday, head to Luigi’s for authentic wood-fired pizza, the most more-ish charred crusts, and energetic live music concerts. 

Coming from the same family as the restaurant-come-nightclub, Da Maria, in Seminyak you can expect great party vibes from Luigis. Both joints are products of Motel Mexicola’s executive chef, and their shared influences are easy to spot. 

The long picnic benches, painted glossy white to go with the monochromatic aesthetic, evoke a sociable atmosphere. Luigi’s layout encourages sharing and conversating customary in Italian cuisine. But aside from the pizza, there’s nothing else traditional about Luigis. 

Great cocktails, 2-for-1 beers, and the lively grungy vibe are all reasons to visit the popular joint. Polish off a truffle pizza, then head to the backroom for some mosh-pitting while you finish your beer. Not bad for a night’s work. 

Pizza Fabbrica, Umalas

Best pizza in Bali
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Pizza Fabrica is another favorite restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine to Bali revelers in Umalas and Canggu. With a commitment to the “Made In Italy” label and 100 percent genuine ingredients, Fabbrica promises true Italian craftsmanship and culinary traditions with every slice. 

Everything is fresh at Fabbrica, and the menu hosts everyone’s favorite pizza flavor combos, as well as vegan options. You can trust that Fabbrica is authentically Italian, founded by Luigi, from Puglia in Italy, who used to assist his father in running Pronto Pizza in Legian. 

Their pepperoni calzone is a must-try, and every bite is as rustic as it is delicious. But the menu is not limited to pizza, and the Funghi risotto and tiramisu shouldn’t go amiss. Fabbrica is also open until midnight, perfect for those late-night cravings.

La Baracca, Uluwatu

Best pizza in Bali
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With three different locations in Kerobokan, Canggu, and Uluwatu, La Baracca is taking over the Bali pizza scene with authentic Italian charm. The homely rustic interior complements the equally comforting food, with quirky interior details and candlelit tables.

The menu is extensive, and you can order a whole host of Italian delicacies, from bruschetta to the best burrata in Bali. La Baracca even does a burrata pizza, where the fresh cow milk cheese, made from mozzarella and cream, is met perfectly by imported prosciutto, rocket, and parmesan to create an explosion of umami flavor in your mouth.

They even have a plant-based mozzarella option that can be substituted with any pizza, so vegans don’t have to miss out. The local wine is chilled and cheap, and La Baracca has the perfect ambiance in which to chat the night away.   

Warung Canteen, Berawa

Best pizza in Bali
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Located at the top of Pantai Berawa in Canggu, Warung Canteen is one of our favorite places for affordable pizza, backpacker vibes, and entertainment. Somewhere between a Balinese Warung, and a western traveler’s haunt, Warung Canteen is lively and laidback, and their pizzas are just as unpretentious.

With an uncomplicated menu, small wood-fired oven, and locally sourced ingredients, Warung Canteen keeps it simple and keeps everyone coming back for more. They have margaritas, marinaras, and pollo pizza, all with flexible toppings, but they even have a vegan option. 

The menu is an eclectic mix of local delicacies, Western junk food, and Chinese dim sum, and the pizzas start at just $4, the cheapest on this list. They’re also celebrated for their cheap cold beer and personal beer kegs. With lovely staff and an abundance of games to play at your table, Warung Canteen is more than pizza. It’s friendly, fun, and a must-visit in Bali, no matter your budget. 

Manhattan Slice, Seminyak

Best pizza in Bali
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Forget authentic Italian pizza. Manhattan Slice is the place to go if you want proper Brooklyn-inspired slices. No-nonsense, American- pizza, Manhattan Slice imports their products from the US to give customers a real taste of the Big Apple on the bustling streets of Bali’s tourist hotspot. 

Manhattan Slice is a drop-by joint for take-out slices, quick bites, and late-night snacks, serving local beers from Kura Kura brewery to accompany the casual vibes. They also serve salad and desserts and pride themselves on the high-quality ingredients they use across the board. 

The menu is simple, with classic cheese, pepperoni, and vegetarian slices as big as your head. If you want pizza with true American roots quickly served up curbside, Manhattan is the place to go. 

Can you get pizza in Bali?

Pizza exists in all forms across Bali, from New York slices to wood-fired calzones. Bali has well-connected trade routes and is readily accessible despite being an island territory. This means many pizza joints are loyal to the 100 percent Italian label for the most authentic pizza. 

Canggu has the best pizza spots on the island as the most densely populated area for restaurants in Bali. Massimo, Luigis, Pizza Fabbrica, and La Baracca are among the best places for Italian cuisine and local twists on culinary traditions.  

Which is the best pizza in the world?

You can find the best pizza in the world in Naples, the birthplace of the humble cheese and carb combination. Pizzeria Gino Sorbillo is one of the oldest pizza restaurants globally and serves street slices and pies to hundreds of customers a day. L’Antica Pizzeria de Michele is also a firm favorite in Naples.

Still, America has some iconic spots for great pizza. The Big Apple is famed for pioneering the New York slice, served up hot in Brooklyn and the Bronx, while Chicago is associated with deep pan pizza and barbeque bases. Although called the “Hawaiian,” a Greek immigrant named Sam Panopoulos, living in Canada in 1962, claims to have come up with pineapple on pizza. Love it or hate it, it’s considered an abomination in Italy but a growing phenomenon worldwide. Check out The Good Son in Toronto for world-famous Hawaiians. 

What is the most popular food in Bali?

Traditional Balinese cuisine is fragrant, spicy, and rich in local ingredients. Street food is a big part of the food culture. Some native dishes include Babi Guling, or suckling pig, Chicken Satay, Nasi Goreng, and Mie Goreng, the fried rice and noodles usually served with egg, and Bakso, the traditional street cart chicken soup. 

Local food is the cheapest way to eat in Bali. You’ll find home-cooked, inexpensive dishes at any of the many Balinese warungs on every street corner, which serve locals and tourists late into the night. But due to Bali’s huge foreign population of ex-pats and digital nomads, the culinary climate has shifted in recent years, and western eateries dominate the most touristy areas of Canggu, Seminyak, and Kuta. Delicacies like smoothie bowls, acai, and health juices are seen as local staples in Bali, but these, too, are influenced by nearby Australia and the sizeable Aussie population in Bali.

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