Albufeira Nightlife Guide: 7 Of The Best Bars In Town

Albufeira nightlife
Photo by Humphrey Muleba/Unsplash
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We’ll just go right out and say it: The Albufeira nightlife is positively off the hook. This town is one of the most happening, most hedonistic, most sleepless in the entire of southern Portugal. It rocks and parties from May to October each year and sees a massive (like, seriously, massive!) influx of revelers from northern Europe that number in the tens of thousands.

To keep them going, the resort offers everything from breeze-bathed beach bars on the edge of the Algarvian sands to wild karaoke discos that go on until 6am to pumping EDM clubs with laser lights and DJ booths. Basically, if you’re looking for a vacation that’s filled with raucous evenings of non-stop dancing and drinking, this town has you covered.

This guide to Albufeira nightlife will take a look at where to party between the sun-kissed cobbled streets of the erstwhile fishing village on the Atlantic coast. It will pinpoint seven venues that are worth checking out, and also offer some tips on the various areas you can go to find the wildest bars of all. Let’s party…

Where to party in Albufeira

Albufeira nightlife
Photo by christoph wesi/Unsplash

Albufeira sits in a beach-fringed bay on the side of the Portuguese Atlantic coast. It’s right in the heart of the popular holiday region of the Algarve. That means it gets oodles of sun, has some fantastic coastline right on the doorstep, and is a veritable water sports mecca. All that happens during the day, though. Where should you go to find the Albufeira nightlife?

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Thankfully, seeking out the places to party here is pretty easy. There are four separate nightlife hubs, one of which really leads the way for the no-holes-barred parties (The Strip). We’ve listed them all below:

  • The Strip – The Albufeira Strip runs down the whole length of Av. Sá Carneiro on the eastern side of town. It’s the main party place and has more bars than you can shake a Portuguese salt cod at (don’t do that, though – the bouncers probably wouldn’t take kindly). Come here to let loose and dance until sunup.
  • The beaches – Two major beaches connect to offer that famous Algarve gold sand just a short walk from the heart of the town. They have their own nightlife offering, but it’s largely in the form of chilled sunset bars that do dang fantastic cocktail and beer deals at happy hour.
  • Marina de Albufeira – The marina is an upcoming area that seems to have a new selection of bars every time we return. Generally speaking, it’s a touch more family friendly and a great place to dine.
  • Albufeira Old Town – The Old Town is a heady mix of traditional Portuguese taverns and buzzy bars. A lot come here to pre-drink before heading to The Strip, but we think it’s worth a night out on its own, if only to sample the local food and wine and friendly vibes.

KISS Disco Club

Albufeira nightlife
Photo by Hendrik Morkel/Unsplash

KISS bills itself as the leading and most defining mega club in Albufeira. It’s certainly got the history. The doors first flung open here in 1981 and they haven’t closed since. That’s nearly half a century of non-stop partying!

But KISS is no relic of a bygone era. The owners pride themselves on being able to move with the times, which means you can expect a medley of DJ acts that include modern house names like Robbie Rivera and David Penn to name just two.

The venue itself is pretty hefty. You can hardly miss it thanks to the big red bottle of booze that adorns the exterior, complete with a stout palm tree and a lofted sign that proclaims the name for all to see. Inside, there’s a main dancefloor with a series of mezzanine areas that hold the VIP booths, complete with dancer podiums and a neon-lit bar running the length of the room.

Kiosk Bar

Albufeira nightlife
Photo by Cristiano Pinto/Unsplash

Kiosk Bar isn’t really like any of the other venues on this list of the top places to hit the Albufeira nightlife. It’s really just a hole in the wall on the western end of the marina. However, we’ve got a soft spot for it because it’s lively, local, charming, and – above all – honest.

Kiosk has a nice perch on the clifftops above the start of the main beach. You’ll sit and sip cold beers with a view of the sky-blue Atlantic Ocean, chewing the fat with the friendly owners or mates as the sun creeps ever lower towards the horizon.

Sadly, Kiosk Bar does close around 7pm. However, it’s prime for a touch of day-drinking and a perfect spot to begin a night out in Marina de Albufeira, where you’ll find everything from sushi kitchens to Italian pizza joints.

Libertos Club

Albufeira nightlife
Photo by Cristiano Pinto/Unsplash

Chic, stylo, and cool, Libertos Club channels a little of that Ibiza feel and brings it to the area of the Albufeira Strip. It artfully blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor, moving through a series of covered pagodas and out into shaded seating areas where the stars glitter overhead. The anchor of it all is a large dancefloor space with a metal-frame covering below the DJ booth.

Drinks are meticulously mixed by qualified bar staff. They run the gamut from refreshing fruit cocktails to Cuvee wines imported from France. Special occasions might even call for a sparkler drink, when your tipple will come with a miniature pyrotechnic attached for good measure.

There are regular event nights and organized parties at the Libertos Club. The season opening and season closing shindigs are especially popular, attracting a crowd of locals, Albufeira reps, and traveling revelers alike.

McDonnell’s Irish Bar

Albufeira nightlife
Photo by Humphrey Muleba/Unsplash

Sprawled out on a timber terrace above a tattoo parlor smack dab in the heart of the Albufeira Strip, McDonnell’s Irish Bar has long been a staple of the pre-drinking scene in the resort. You can hardly miss it, what with a huge barrel and an oversized shamrock crowning the ceiling of the joint.

Once inside, expect a burst of neon green and a mahogany-carved bar that looks every inch a drinkery plucked straight from the Emerald Isle. There are booth seats with low-hanging lights that make for a moody evening. Or there are al fresco tables that have some cracking people-watching craic above the pavements below.

Where McDonnell’s really excels is in sports. There are multiple screens set up for all sorts of viewing. They play all the major rugby and football showdowns – World Cup, Six Nations – along with Ireland’s own curling and Gaelic footie leagues to boot.

Sherry’s Bar

Albufeira nightlife
Photo by Simon Lund/Unsplash

Sherry’s Bar will transport you over to the heart of the enchanting Albufeira Old Town. There, between the tight-knit alleys and sun-splashed cobbled plazas, you’ll find it flying the flags of Portugal, Canada, and Ireland – a nod to the heritage of the uber-welcoming owners.

Really, Sherry’s Bar is a fine example of the sort of happy-go-lucky drinkery that you get on this side of town. It’s not pretentious; it’s never brash and in your face. Instead, the order of the day is cold Guinness from the tap or a local Super Bock from the fridge, often served with a big smile and a nice long chat.

Sherry’s Bar also does food. It’s a medley of cheesy garlic bread and chips, burgers and some Portuguese-inspired dishes in the form of seafood stews and soups. You’ll also find that it’s a great option for watching the soccer, because the main frontage of the pub swings open to reveal a flat-screen TV that plays the game.

Havana Meets Jamaica Bar

Albufeira nightlife
Photo by Conor Rees/Unsplash

When the mercury creeps to over 95 (as it so often does on the Algarve in the summer) and you’ve just finished a session on the local sands of Praia dos Pescadores, why not head to this Carib-Cuban mashup bar to get your fix of tropical vibes?

It welcomes drinkers with murals of the reggae master himself. Yep, graffiti renditions of Bob Marley dress the exterior and the interior bars, while the flapping flags of countries from all around the globe clad the ceiling. Oh, and just in case you didn’t get the memo, there’s more from the Caribbean courtesy of those mock-up palm trees and wicker chairs.

You hardly need to ask about the music policy. Reggae, dub, two step, steel drums, and ska are the order of the playlist and it will rarely change. When it comes to drinks, be sure to try the mojito. They say they’re the best in town.

Connection Bar

Albufeira nightlife
Photo by Kevin Walker/Unsplash

It’s back to the Albufeira Strip – the hub of Albufeira nightlife as a whole – to finish off this guide with the all-welcome atmosphere of Connection Bar. Arguably the town’s top LGBTQ+ place, it’s a colorful and forever-lively option that straddles a first-floor terrace around 800 meters’ walk from Praia da Oura.

The joint attracts a good crowd of both gay and gay-friendly patrons, a mix of returnees and newbies. It doesn’t often get busy until late, but there’s al fresco seating with a view if you do happen to drop by before the party proper gets a-rolling.

Music is anything and everything, from 80s cheese to 90s diva hits to EDM and house. There are all sorts of drinks thanks to a fully-stocked cocktail-mixing bar, along with local Portuguese beers. Connection Bar is open every day in the main season until 2am.

Is Albufeira good for nightlife?  

If you’re after that classic resort experience and DJ-spinning 18-30s bars, we’d say the Albufeira nightlife is the best in southern Portugal. There’s a whole mile-long Strip of clubs dedicated to partying, along with vibrant beaches with sunset bars, and a marina filled with venues.

Where in Albufeira is the nightlife?       

There are multiple areas in Albufeira that have pretty good nightlife. The most obvious is The Albufeira Strip, which dominates the entire length of Av. Sá Carneiro. On top of that, you should check out Praia dos Pescadores for chilled beach bars and seafood taverns, the Old Town for tapas eateries and beer joints, and the marina for more family-friendly evening pursuits.

What is the main strip in Albufeira?

The Albufeira Strip runs for a whole mile (yep, a whole mile of bars and clubs!) on the east side of the Old Town, close to the district of Santa Eulália. It’s home to all the major clubs and ends with a few relaxed beach bars on Praia da Oura.

How much is a pint in Albufeira?

A pint in Albufeira will typically cost between €2-3 ($2.35-3.50). You’ll probably find that the cheapest bars are in the Old Town, while prices increase a little when you go to The Strip and the marina.

Are drugs legal in Albufeira?

Drugs are illegal in Albufeira. Portugal has moved to decriminalize drugs generally, but their use and possession is still treated as a civil offense. It’s never a good idea to buy, sell, or use drugs here, or anywhere in Europe for that matter!

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