The 5 Best Tattoo Parlours & Artists in Bournemouth

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There’s no shortage of things to do and places to stay in Bournemouth. Not only is it one of the most popular seaside resorts, but it is also home to some of the most talented tattoo artists in the UK.

So, if you want a trip you can’t forget, getting a tattoo is a recommended activity; but where should you go? We’ve put together a list of the 5 best tattoo parlours in Bournemouth for you to choose from, each with their own unique styles. These tattoo parlours are some of the top-rated in Bournemouth, so you can be assured you’ll be getting the best possible experience and walking away with a tattoo for people to be envious of.

Our 5 best tattoo parlours are home to a wide range of artists specializing in styles from traditional, to dot work, and even Japanese. Whether you’re wanting a custom design or need some inspiration, you’re sure to find one you like.

Bournemouth Ink Tattoo Parlour

Photo of someone being tattooed on their arm in a tattoo parlour.
Allef Vinicius via Unsplash

Bournemouth Ink offers a huge selection of flash tattoos and a free consultation service in which artists can help to customize an existing design idea. This makes it one of the best tattoo parlours in Bournemouth for people looking for some inspiration.

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The studio itself spans over two floors and boasts a modern interior and waiting area equipped with a large screen TV. Refreshments are available alongside an array of computers, iPads, magazines, and portfolios for customers to browse and choose their favorite design. The artists cover a number of styles, and the studio often hosts flash sales of tattoos in line with key seasonal events.

The studio is open to walk-ins, and in the case that they are busy, the studio offers a guaranteed appointment within 72 hours, regardless of the size of the design and how long it will take. Appointments are also available to book online and are recommended for larger pieces. The studio encourages people to visit for a discussion with a full, personal service available to ensure customers are fully happy with their design. Bournemouth Ink is located on Old Christchurch Road. It is open from 10am to 6pm Monday to Saturday and 11am to 5pm on Sundays.

White Flame Tattoo Studio

Zoomed in photo of someone's arm being tattooed in a tattoo parlour.
Lucas Lenzi via Unsplash

White Flame Studio is a multiple award-winning tattoo parlour with over twenty years of experience behind their artists. In also offering piercings and permanent makeup, White Flame is the best tattoo parlour in Bournemouth for an extensive list of services.

The studio prides itself on offering a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere and the artists specialize across multiple styles including tribal, neo-traditional and watercolor. Customers can pick from existing design pieces or work with artists to produce a custom design. Their website and social media pages offer a vast gallery of previous work for inspiration. With a thorough aftercare service, White Flame offers their own certified organic and vegan tattoo butter. This has been curated to speed up the healing process whilst enriching the tattooed skin.

Situated on Wimborne Road, White Flame is closed from Tuesday to Thursday, but is open the rest of the week from 12pm to 6pm. Appointments can be made via email or on social media and deposits are required for bookings, but walk-ins are also welcome.

Inked Bournemouth

Inked Bournemouth has a reputation as an ‘old school’ tattoo studio and is one of the best tattoo parlours in Bournemouth for a classic tattoo experience. They have two resident artists alongside a budding apprentice and are all capable of delivering most tattoo styles with the option of both color and black and white designs. Customers can enjoy the distraction of TV whilst being tattooed alongside a beverage of choice.

A unique fact about Inked Bournemouth is that each of the three Inked Bournemouth artists are vegan. They therefore pride themselves on offering vegan-friendly tattoo options which include the use of vegan ink, gloves, stencils and aftercare. The studio now also offers a professional piercing service.

The studio is open 10am to 5pm Tuesday to Saturday and is appointment only on Monday and Sunday. They also offer evening slots available by appointment only. Inked Bournemouth is located on Christchurch Road, and they offer a student and services discount. An inquiry form can be filled out on their website, and a member of the team will then be in touch about a free consultation. The studio regularly posts appointment openings as well as updates on their Facebook page.

The Rising Tide Collective

Photo of someone about to receive a tattoo over the stencil on their arm in a tattoo parlour.
Benjamin Lehman via Unsplash

The Rising Tide Collective is home to four resident tattoo artists, each with an impressive Instagram following. It also regularly hosts guest tattooists throughout the year, making it one of the best tattoo parlours in Bournemouth for diversity and choice.

Rising Tide specializes particularly in colorful, cartoon-based tattoos with a re-occurring theme of Disney, Pokémon and Marvel characters amongst its previous work. Their full portfolio is available to browse on their Instagram page for inspiration, and the studio also offers custom designs.

As well as being one of the best tattoo parlours in Bournemouth, The Rising Tide is unique in also offering a laser tattoo removal service, though we’re sure you won’t need it! All their services are entirely vegan and non-animal tested. In addition to tattoos, the studio also has an Etsy shop selling badges, prints and apparel based on quirky designs by the tattooists.

Located on Ashley Road The Rising Tide is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Sunday for tattoos by appointment only. Bookings can be made online and there is a £40 minimum set up cost and deposits are required on all bookings.

Hobo Jack Tattoo Parlour

Photo of a ladies back about to be tattooed in  a tattoo parlour.
Jonathan Cooper via Unsplash

Hobo Jack prides itself on its female lineup of award-winning tattoo artists. Specializing in custom tattoos, the artists at Hobo Jack are particularly skilled in larger pieces with bold contrasts and intricate details. Each artist has their own unique style, and their portfolios can be viewed in order to pick your favorite. The artists will then work with you to develop the design and ensure you are fully happy.

With soft furnishings, warm décor and calming music, Hobo Jack is one of the best tattoo parlours in Bournemouth for the new or nervous out there. Customers can also expect to receive complimentary tea, coffee and snacks throughout their visit to the studio. Alongside tattooing, Hobo Jack shares its brand with an onsite and online skating clothing store of which some items feature designs from the tattoo artists themselves.

Hobo Jack can be found on Albert Road and is open each day from 10am to 7pm. The studio is appointments only and these can be made by directly messaging your tattooist of choice on social media. Their books fill up quickly so be prepared to book your appointment well in advance.

As you can see, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to tattoo parlours in Bournemouth. Take a look through their online portfolio of designs and maybe even visit the studios in-person to help you make your choice. We hope you love your new tattoo but be warned, you might find yourself soon wanting another!  

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