The 7 Best Beach Clubs in Tulum Mexico

Best beach clubs in Tulum Mexico
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With its sugar-white sands backed by swaying palms and the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, it’s no surprise that Tulum is one of the best beach towns in Mexico. It isn’t another mega hotel resort like Cancun or Playa del Carmen, but a sleepy town with lots of eco-cabanas, cafes, and yoga retreats peppered along pristine shores. But what are the best beach clubs in Tulum, Mexico?

Whether you want to show off your best bikini in a stylish location, soak up the sun while sipping a margarita, or enjoy yummy tacos while listening to the waves, Tulum has no shortage of beach bars on the menu. With so many places to choose from, picking the best isn’t always an easy task…

This guide to the best beach clubs in Tulum, Mexico, will talk you through the seven finest venues in town. From edgy cocktail creations to hip beach vibes, refreshing drinks to mouthwatering food, you’ll learn about the reasons we choose these places over others.


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Photo by Spencer Watson on Unsplash

If you’re looking for the best beach clubs in Tulum, Mexico, then you should definitely consider Ziggy’s. This is one of the most popular spots on the white sands that stretch for miles in this beautiful part of Quintana Roo. It’s in the center of the famous Tulum Hotel Zone, too. 

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This spot has everything you need from a beach club. From panoramic views over the turquoise Caribbean Sea to a boho exterior that perfectly matches the beach vibes and great food and drinks on the menu.

They’ve gone for stylish décor with cushy, beige sunbeds out front and wooden tables and soft seats placed between the lush green palms. The bar chairs have been replaced with swings, but you can also sit in one of the covered cabanas with atmospheric ratan lamps hanging off the ceiling above. The whole place is on soft sand, so you can just relax and take your shoes off.

Ziggy’s renowned for employing super-friendly staff that will help you choose the best option from their mouthwatering menu. They specialize in local cooking prepared from organic and fresh ingredients. You can get things like quesadillas, tacos, seafood, or meat dishes along with other Mexican treats. They also have a great choice of drinks – we recommend trying their house margarita!

The good thing about Ziggy’s is that you don’t need to pay any entrance fees to get in. There is a minimum spend, though, so you’ll need to get at least $70 worth of food and booze.

Mía Restaurant & Beach Club

Tulum beach
Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

Whether you’re looking for DJ-manned beach parties or just fancy a yummy meal with panoramic vistas of the Caribbean Sea, Mía is the place for you. It’s actually one of the more upscale spots in the heart of the Hotel Zone of Tulum, so dress accordingly! 

This is no beach shack. Mía is a stylish place that combines chic décor with high-end international cooking, so it’s no surprise that it often serves as a wedding venue on top. They have subtle color schemes and boho features that go well with the beach location. Expect plenty of wooden tables tucked between the coconut palms and, inside, the restaurant spread under seagrass lamps. They also have large cushy sunbeds out front for those who can’t peel themselves away from the lapping waves.

This place is on the pricy side, though, which means you shouldn’t have much trouble meeting their minimum spend of around $60. They have different menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner but each one has plenty of beautifully presented and yummy options. They do international dishes with a Mexican twist. In the evenings and afternoons, they also have a pizza garden.

Papaya Playa Project

Papaya Playa Project
Photo by Jônatas Tinoco on Unsplash

Papaya Playa Project beach club is part of a stylish, eco-friendly hotel in the northern part of pristine Tulum Beach. The beach club has been completely renovated and reorganized to make a beautiful, serene space that fits in perfectly with the nature in the surrounding area. It’s the sort of place where Instagram influencers pose for their money shots…

The design of this one is the big selling point. It’s a beautiful beach cabana with polished concrete flooring, wooden furniture, and subtle colored sofas. It’s all surrounded by trendy green plants in big pots. Their neat bar is covered by a thatched roof. Out front, they have a turquoise infinity pool surrounded by soft, beige sunbeds and coconut palms.

The catch is that you need to spend at least $100 to enjoy the venue. On the flip side, they do get cool DJs for the evenings, so it’s worth hanging around for the later hours. Their menu is mainly fresh and organic, raw foods with plenty of vegan and seafood options to choose from.

Coco Tulum

White sand beach in Tulum
Photo by Juan Manuel Pastorino on Unsplash

Coco Tulum beach club is yet another stylish and trendy spot on Tulum’s beachfront. Similar to Papaya, this is one of those Pinterest-worthy locations where you might just notice your favorite Insta blogger promoting their new swimwear line, or something like that!

It’s got an all-white décor that blends perfectly with the sugar sands out front. The white decking with white tables and chairs surround a wooden bar, which is right by the turquoise waters of the sea. There are no bar stools, just swings hanging off a beam. They also have deckchairs with soft mats laid on the sand itself.

Like most places in the area, they serve tasty Mexican delicacies. However, the main reason why people choose this place over others is the beautiful location and stylish design.

La Zebra

Ruins Tulum
Photo by Anna Sullivan on Unsplash

La Zebra is another fantastic option if you’re looking for the best beach clubs in Tulum, Mexico. This stunning spot is a part of a beachfront hotel at the southern end of Tulum’s long stretch of sands. There’s no need to be a guest to enjoy a day in their lounge, though – just walk on in.

You’ll enjoy their modern beach décor that goes well with the surrounding nature. Expect a neat beach cabana nestled between the swaying palms with panoramic vistas of the turquoise aqua just in front. You can laze on one of the large, double sunbeds or take a seat at one of the tables on a raised decking platform. Wherever you like.

La Zebra’s food and drinks are also top-notch. Like most places in the area, they specialize in Mexican cooking, but all dishes come beautifully presented on colorful platters. We recommend trying their delicious ceviche and fresh guacamole – the highlights.


Beach cocktails
Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

Head to Taboo when you tire of the usual tacos and ceviche after a couple of days in this fabulous North American country. Instead, the kitchen here offers zingy Mediterranean dishes that channel a touch of the Euro flavor. Expect plenty of fresh seafood and healthy salads among other mouthwatering options.

Unique food isn’t the only reason to go here, though. It’s also a stylishly decorated spot in a prime location. It’s in the heart of the popular Hotel Zone overlooking the shimmering Caribbean Sea. Taboo regularly hosts DJ-manned parties with plenty of champagne bottles and cocktails served by the bar staff. On quieter evenings, they often have talented sax and violin players performing for the guests.

Ahau Tulum

Ahau Tulum Beach Club
Photo by Rafael Cisneros Méndez on Unsplash

Whether you want to spend a day soaking up the sun on one of Mexico’s most beautiful beaches, drinking colorful cocktails, or eating delicious food while enjoying panoramic views of the ocean, Ahau Tulum has you covered. The beach club is a part of a luxury but rustic hotel resort on the southern end of the Tulum hotel strip.

You won’t miss this place thanks to an incredible artistic entranceway that will greet you there. You’ll walk underneath a giant sculpture of a woman, a tribute to Mother Earth herself. That alone brings the crowds to this fantastic spot. Inside, they have plenty of comfy sunbeds and wooden tables right on the soft sands.

If you’re not a hotel guest, you will need to pay around $50 to secure a lounger. It will be deducted from whatever you eat or drink, though, so it’s worth it to spend a day in this gorgeous location. They do Mexican food with plenty of yummy grilled seafood and lots of vegan options to boot.

Best beach clubs in Tulum, Mexico – our verdict.

If you’re looking for the best beach clubs in Tulum, Mexico, you’re in luck. There is no shortage of fantastic options peppered along the soft, white sands that fringe the town. Choosing the one to spend your day at can be a daunting task, but we’ve tried to make your decision easier by listing the seven finest options. You’ll notice that all of these places benefit from panoramic sea views, so whichever you choose, you won’t be far from the waves. If you’re after the best décor, we’d go to Papaya, but if you’re looking for the liveliest beach parties, head to Mía or Taboo.

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