Is Puerto Escondido Worth Visiting? 7 Great Reasons to Visit

Is Puerto Escondido worth visiting?
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With so many beautiful and amazing Mexican destinations to choose from, is Puerto Escondido worth visiting? We truly think it is and, hopefully, by the end of this article, you’ll agree. Located on the Oaxacan coast, this is a truly idyllic tropical paradise that many travelers dream of visiting.

At the same time, though, it can be quite hard to get to. It’s a long way from the USA and even further from Europe. So, is Puerto Escondido worth visiting when you consider the time and cost of traveling there? Even with this factored in, we still highly recommend that tourists visit this amazing part of the world.

Puerto Escondido is a truly unique location with perks that you won’t find elsewhere. Below, discover seven amazing things about Puerto Escondido.

A Relaxed Pace of Life

Is Puerto Escondido worth visiting for the peace and tranquility?
Credit: Lorraine Mojica, Unsplash

When you travel to a place like Puerto Escondido, you’ll feel instantly more relaxed. People move slowly here, savoring every moment. Perhaps it’s the calming sounds of waves crashing or the relaxing feeling of the tropical sun hitting your skin. Either way, life in Puerto Escondido is lived more slowly.

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You can forget about deadlines. Here, you have all the time in the world. If you’ve been living a fast-paced, busy, productive, and active lifestyle, then it might be time to slow down. Enjoy a daily siesta, where you can allow your body to fully relax and recover before the evening begins.

This sounds ideal for a short vacation but is Puerto Escondido worth visiting as a digital nomad? You’ll be surprised how much more productive you can be when you allow yourself to take more breaks. By avoiding burnout, you’ll be able to sustain your business for longer and achieve more in the long run.

Fascinating Indigenous Culture

Visit Puerto Escondido for amazing indigenous culture
Credit: Bernardo Ramonfaur, Unsplash

As a former Spanish colony, many Mexican cities have lost touch with their indigenous cultures. While you will find some evidence of native Mexican culture in a city like La Paz, it will never be as strong as it is in a place like Puerto Escondido. That’s because La Paz is in Baja California, where it has been taken over by American tourists and, as a direct result, taken on a lot of American culture.

Cities in Oaxaca, conversely, have retained their indigenous charm. The state is cut off by a rugged mountain range, which made it difficult for colonialists to visit and enforce their own way of life. That’s why many visitors come to this part of the world as a way to explore the more authentic side of Mexico.

In Puerto Escondido, it’s easy to learn about native cultures. With fewer tourists coming to this more hard-to-reach location, many traditions have survived over the centuries. There aren’t many museums but simply talk to the locals to learn their history. To learn about Chatino culture, head to the nearby village of Bajos de Chila, a stunning lagoon.

Perfect Weather

Is Puerto Escondido worth visiting for the perfect weather?
Credit: Lorraine Mojica, Unsplash

People have different opinions on what counts as perfect weather but most people agree that stability is a good thing. That’s exactly what you get in Puerto Escondido, where the temperature doesn’t change from month to month. No matter when you choose to visit, you know what you’re getting. That means you can travel off-season when prices are cheaper and still enjoy the same incredible weather.

Many tourists want sun and heat so that they can enjoy a dip in Mexico’s incredible waters. However, you might be worried about temperatures hitting crazy highs of 40°C (104°F). In Puerto Escondido, you don’t need to worry about this. Average highs throughout the year are a more manageable 30°C (86°F). The coastal location offers a gentle breeze that offers much more tolerable weather than you’ll find inland in Mexico’s deserts.

Once you arrive, you’ll happily spend all your time in this amazing town. Waking up every morning with the sun shining down on you does wonders for your self-confidence and mental health. People from dark, cold, and rainy cities often don’t realize the effects of this lifestyle. Puerto Escondido is worth visiting for the benefits of the weather alone.

Fewer Tourists, More Authenticity

Puerto Escondido is less touristy and more authentic
Credit: Jose Mizrahi, Unsplash

Mexico is an extremely popular tourist destination, especially among Americans. If you’re not a fan of being among hoards of tourists from your home country, then there will be certain cities to avoid. One of those you can happily visit, though, is Puerto Escondido. Being a harder-to-reach destination, there are far fewer visitors to this region. This allows you to connect more deeply to the authentic Mexican culture of Puerto Escondido.

This doesn’t mean the town is particularly quiet. It still has a thriving nightlife and you won’t struggle to find foreign travelers. However, they’ll be different kinds of travelers. They’re not there simply to get drunk and party all day and night. They’ll be there to experience the authentic local culture as well as the incredible countryside of this region.

It will be easy to escape the crowds, find solitude, or connect with some local residents. This makes for a more meaningful trip. If you’re looking for something a little more grown-up and inspiring, then Puerto Escondido is the place for you. There are plenty of other towns you can visit if you’re only interested in visiting the local bars.

Stunning Coastline

Puerto Escondido is worth visiting for the coastline alone
Credit: Marco Samaniego, Unsplash

Mexico has a huge coastline but it doesn’t get much better than what you’ll find in Puerto Escondido. The town is home to countless beaches where you can relax or play beach sports with locals and other travelers. This is one of the main reasons to visit Puerto Escondido. Yes, you have the benefits of indigenous villages and Lagunas de Chacahua national park but the beaches are bound to be the place where you spend the majority of your time.

Looking for specific recommendations? Manzanillo Beach is known as the best place for bars and restaurants, making it a great place to spend your evenings. You can also go swimming and snorkeling from here. For that reason, it’s a busy beach and one to visit if you’re looking to be social.

La Punta Puerto Escondido is more popular for surfers while Bacocho Beach is a secluded luxury beach for anyone looking for some peace away from the crowds. As you get to know the local beaches, you’ll begin to find which beach matches your vibe. They all have their benefits so try different locations depending on your mood. If you love the beach, then there’s no way you won’t enjoy a trip to the amazing coastal town of Puerto Escondido.

A Chance for Sustainable Travel

Eco-tourism is big in Oaxaca cities
Credit: marco antonio, Unsplash

Tourism is, sadly, very bad for the environment. Many travelers don’t think about the impact they’re having when they take long flights or stay in fancy hotels. If you’re trying to do better in this regard, then Puerto Escondido might be the perfect place to visit. Unlike other resort towns, it’s shunned luxury hotels in favor of small eco-cabins. It’s the ultimate destination for eco-tourism.

A coastal location, residents here understand the impact of extreme weather and rising sea levels. As a result, the local community has done a lot to increase the green credentials of the town. You’ll find yourself living in basic but comfortable conditions, producing fewer carbon emissions, and leaving a minimal impact on the environment.

You’ll also have a chance to interact with the incredible wildlife of Puerto Escondido. From the pelicans to the sea turtles, these are some of the planet’s most enchanting creatures. Yet, their existence is in danger. Work directly with animals to help preserve their habitats and keep them surviving for longer.

Artistic Vibes

Visit Oaxaca for artistic vibes
Credit: Ben Turnbull, Unsplash

Puerto Escondido is more than just a resort for tourists. It’s a vibrant and creative community. If you’re into any kind of art, then this is a town that you’ll definitely want to visit. Puerto Escondido is a safe place that allows locals the space and freedom to express their more artistic side. That’s why it’s become known as one of North America’s most creative towns.

To experience this, why not attend the world-famous Fiestas de Noviembre? This is a series of festivals where locals are given the chance to express themselves. Whether you’re interested in motocross or dance, you’ll find something you like. This is the best example of the kind of creative culture that’s hard to find elsewhere.

If you’re not a creative person, though, then is Puerto Escondido worth visiting? Even in this instance, we’d say yes. You’d still get the benefit of being entertained by other artists. Also, who knows what effect this could have on your own creative growth? Maybe you’ll find the inspiration to embrace your artistic side.

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