7 Best Travel Scarves With Hidden Pockets (Passport Scarf)

travel scarf with hidden pockets
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Not so keen on carrying your heavy backpack around with you? Take a look at some of the best travel scarves with hidden pockets. Travel scarves are often overlooked, but they are a really practical piece of travel gear that everyone should have in the closet. Aside from their practical uses of keeping you warm and looking fashionable, they also keep your money, passport, phone, credit cards, ID, and smaller items safe.

Scarves come in many different styles, colors, designs, and are great for both men and women. They are easy to pack, carry, and with an infinity design, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your scarf won’t work its way loose. While some travelers may opt for a money belt, travel scarves with hidden pockets allow easier and quicker access to your belongings. 

We’ve done all the research and groundwork for you, so you don’t have to. All you need to do is carry on reading to find out the seven best travel scarves with hidden pockets, the benefits of hidden pocket scarves, and how to choose the best one for your needs.

What Are The Benefits Of A Travel Scarf With Hidden Pockets?

There are so many benefits to having a travel scarf with hidden pockets. You’ll be able to keep your valuables close to you while not having to carry around a big backpack that will probably attract pickpockets. Some of the main benefits of travel scarves with hidden pockets are:

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  • Your hands are free when out sightseeing.
  • If you go for an infinity scarf, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your scarf won’t just fall off.
  • They can be easily adjusted so your valuables inside their secret zippered pocket, can be where you want them to be.
  • Accessing your valuables is much easier than if you were wearing a money belt
  • They are extremely popular fashion items.
  • They come in a variety of colors and styles to match your outfits.
  • If it’s warm you can wear the scarf loosely around your neck, and if it’s cold, you can wrap it tightly around your neck to keep you toasty.
  • Travel scarves aren’t just for traveling the world, they can be used in your everyday life, when running errands, walking the dog, or just going on a night out.

What Can You Carry In A Travel Scarf With Hidden Pockets?

You won’t need or want to carry all these items inside your travel scarf, but at least you’ll know exactly what would be able to fit:

  • Passport
  • Phone
  • ID Cards
  • Cash
  • Credit Card
  • Keys
  • Earbuds
  • Tickets
  • Lipstick
  • Pen and notepad
  • Sunglasses

Choosing The Best Travel Scarf With Hidden Pockets

When looking at travel scarves with hidden pockets there are some important factors your need to consider. 

Destination – Ask yourself where you are traveling to and what season you are traveling in. You’ll find that a scarf made from thin material and is lightweight will be great for warmer weather and a thicker, heavier material scarf will be better for colder temperatures. If you’re traveling in between seasons you may want to consider buying two scarves so you can change them depending on what the weather is doing on a particular day.

Style – What clothes are you planning to wear? This is probably more important to females but some males will also like to make sure that they’re keeping up with the fashion and matching their scarves to their outfits. If you end up picking a scarf that doesn’t match your personality or outfit you’ll likely not wear it. Scarves in a neutral color will go with all outfits, whereas a bold color will only go with a few outfits.

Pocket – You’ll want to have a think about the size and quality of your pocket. What are you planning on carrying with you? If you’re looking to only carry some credit cards, your ID, and some emergency cash then you’ll probably prefer a lightweight scarf. However, if you are planning to stash several items inside your scarf like your phone or a small camera then a heavier weight scarf would suit you better.

Price – What do you want to spend? There’s a wide array of scarves out there all ranging in price. Having a budget in mind will help you pick the right scarf for you. Whether you want a scarf just for this trip or you’re looking to make a bigger investment and buy one that will last several trips. There will be a scarf out there within your budget. 

1. Beige Multi-Color Triangle Infinity Scarf with Zippered Secret Pocket

infinity scarf with secret pocket

Looking for something with a little bit of color, that’s got a simple and understated design then the Beige Multi-Color Triangle Infinity Scarf is the travel scarf for you. This zippered secret pocket scarf by Pierron and Co. is made from 96% cotton and 4% elastane making it perfect for warmer climates. The hidden pocket measures approximately 7.5 inches by 6.5 inches. It’s the perfect size for carrying your ID card, credit cards, passport, etc. The scarf is easy to clean by hand while traveling and dries really quickly.

High-Quality FabricHand Wash Only

2. Red Rib-Knit Infinity Scarf with Zippered Secret Pocket

Red Rib-Knit Infinity Scarf with Zippered Secret Pocket

Another great option from Pierron and Co. is their Rib-Knit Infinity Scarf. For those looking for something simple, stylish, and comfortable then this would be perfect for you. It comes in a range of block colors; red, black, grey, olive. The scarf is made to wrap twice around your neck. It does a great job of hiding heavier items like your phone and small camera. The pocket measures 7.5 inches by 6.5 inches and will allow you to store cash, cards, ID, and passport with the addition of a zipper for extra security. 

Hides heavy items wellExpensive

3. Black White Check Flannel Infinity Style Pocket Scarf

A lot of us like to listen to music when we travel but wearing a scarf can often get in the way of wearing earbuds. This black and white check flannel Infinity style scarf fixes that issue. It comes with a large 9-inch pocket perfect for storing your phone, credit cards, ID card, Passport, and cash.

It doesn’t just come in black and white, so if that’s not really your color, then you are in luck. The scarf is machine washable and made from 100% cotton flannel material. You can either have the pocket on the outside of the scarf or if you want it to remain hidden then you can turn the scarf the other way. This infinity scarf makes carry your necessities easy and you won’t have to worry about lugging a big backpack around with you. 

Eyelets for earbudsFlannel material isn’t great for warmer weather

4. Peepsnake SmartPhone Scarf, Clear Touch Pocket, Back Camera Window, Xtra Pouch

If you’re traveling to colder climates the Peepsnake Smartphone Scarf will definitely help to keep you warm. Made from soft microfleece, this scarf feels velvety soft and luxurious for a reasonable price. It features two pockets, one with a clear window for your phone so you can use it and keep it dry when it’s raining, and another pocket to keep your passport, credit card, ID, or cash safe and away from possible pickpockets.

The clear pocket even features a back camera lens to allow you to take photos while you sightsee without needing to remove the phone. This scarf helps eliminate the need for a purse or backpack. It comes in a wide range of colors; black, pink, white, blue, red.

Allows you to use your phone even in the rainOnly available in solid colors
Two zippered pocketsYour phone is visible

5. Pop Fashion Travel-in-Style Pocket Scarf – Lightweight Heathered Travel Scarves, Infinity Scarves with Zipper Pocket

The Pop Fashion travel-in-style pocket scarf is lightweight and stylish. It’s perfect for storing your passport, ID, or credit cards, but won’t be the best for storing your phone or heavier items. These scarves are suitable for all seasons and any occasion.

The travel-in-style design pairs perfectly with any outfit and is made from premium quality materials for half the price. They are made to last and are suitable for both male and female travelers. You can be sure that your belongings are safe with the zippered pocket and its infinity design means you won’t have to worry about it falling off. 

InexpensiveNot suitable for heavy items

6. GERINLY Solid Color Pashmina Shawl Wraps with Pocket Warm Cashmere Scarf for Women

GERINLY Solid Color Pashmina Shawl Wraps with Pocket Warm Cashmere Scarf for Women

Depending on where we’re traveling to a blanket scarf is the best option. It can be used as a shawl and cover the upper part of our bodies. The GERINLY Pashmina Shawl Scarf is the perfect addition to any women’s closet. It’s perfect for plane journeys as you can use it as a blanket for added warmth, plus the pockets are big enough to be used as hand warmers.

It comes in three different colors to suit your style and is relatively inexpensive. The pockets can be used to store your phone, passport, wallet, keys, and tickets. This scarf is perfect for colder climates and will keep you warm even on the coldest nights. It’s soft, lightweight, and durable and makes any outfit even more stylish. 

Big pocketsNot very compact
Can cover your upper bodyNot the most secure pockets

7. Waypoint Goods Infinity Scarf with Pocket – Stylish Travel Loop Scarf for Women

Waypoint Goods believe in their products and have specifically designed their Infinity Scarf with Pocket for women travelers. Created by an architect to bring you an elevated design that’s not mass-produced but is specifically designed with you in mind. This scarf has been featured in Travel and Leisure magazine so you know the quality and company are one you can trust.

They are made from 100% polyester and are only made with high-quality materials. The pocket is large enough to hold your phone plus your passport, credit cards, ID, keys, and some cash. Waypoint made their scarves with safety in mind as everyone knows keeping our possessions safe while traveling is the ultimate goal. The scarf comes in 18 different colors and can be worn in 6 different ways to match your style and outfit choice. The Waypoint Goods infinity scarf would also make the perfect gift for Christmas, birthdays, and special occasions for any travel lover.

DurableHand wash only
Spacious hidden pockets

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