7 Of The Most Practical Small Travel Jewelry Cases

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If you’ve ever found your jewelry in a tangled mess when you arrive at your destination you’ll know how frustrating it can be to sit there untangling them all. However, there are solutions out there to reduce the chances of this happening. You wouldn’t buy a cheap wallet if you intend to put hundreds of dollars in it, so why sacrifice on the quality of a case for your valuable jewelry?

Whether you’re going away for a week, a few weeks, or maybe even longer, you’re likely to be bringing along a variety of your prized possessions. Having a dedicated case limits the possibility of your smaller items getting lost amongst your clothing. Some of the bags we have found are the roll-up type, others are made from soft cotton, and some are a traditional hard leather box type.  

We have handpicked a selection of reasonably priced travel jewelry cases with the most beautiful and practical designs to keep your precious items safe, secure, and tangle-free. One of these cases below even contains a dedicated space for your watches, broaches, or cufflinks, so no item needs to be left behind or runs the risk of being damaged.

1.  Kate Spade – New York Black, Travel Jewelry Case

Kate Spade - New York Black, Travel Jewelry Case

Similar to other Jewelry cases but backed up by the reassurance of a reputable company, the Kate Spade New York Jewelry Case gives you the perfect storage solution for your valuable jewelry. The zipper covers three corners, allowing you to prop the case up like a traditional jewelry box and the multiple internal felt-like lining offers you the protection your prized possessions deserve.

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Necklaces and bracelets will remain tangle-free due to the hanging design and elasticized pocket feature in the lid of the bag. Four additional compartments allow you to store individual loose items like earrings, charms, and rings and its simple compact space-saving design allows you to pack it easily inside your suitcase.

2. Vera Bradley Cotton Zip-Around Jewelry Organizer Case

2. Vera Bradley Cotton Zip-Around Jewelry Organizer Case

The exquisite Vera Bradley case features multiple floral design choices and plenty of space inside to fit your shiny items.  The interior has two zipped pockets and six elastic slip pockets, so your necklaces can be easily stored without the risk of them knotting up with your bracelets. It’s lined with faux suede to reduce the risk of scratching your delicate items. 

The jewelry case includes five snap tabs for bracelets and hoop earrings although these may also be useful for hair ties or clips.  There are two rolls for rings and two earring tabs that hold up to six pairs of earrings, all in a case no bigger than a small paperback book (roughly 7 inches high). Vera Bradley also stocks other cases, bags, and folios in the same floral patterns to match your jewelry case and as a bonus, the case is made from recycled cotton and can be machine washed.

3. Mickey and Minnie Mouse Travel Jewelry Box

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Travel Jewelry Box

Disney fans will love this small travel jewelry box. It comes in two officially licensed designs; Mickey and Minni or Mickey – I Love You Jewelry Box. Disney fans will love this small travel jewelry box. It comes in two officially licensed designs; Mickey and Minni or Mickey – I Love You Jewelry Box. Made from faux leather and a black soft flocked inner lining with multiple partitions this jewelry box is both practical and durable.

Each partition helps to keep your delicate items from tangling or rubbing against each other. Its strong, sturdy design complete with a large zip, allows easy access and great portability. Measuring  4.5 inches this jewelry case is around the same size as a CD so there’s plenty of room to store all of your necklaces, bangles, rings, hair ties, etc on your next trip.

4. Velvet Hanging Jewelry Case by BAGSMART

A very unique design suited for traveling or even a permanent way to store your jewelry at home, the BAGSMART Velvet Hanging Jewelry Case is a large but compact folding case with multiple compartments and features that will have you struggling to fill it up all the way. There are five separate zippered pockets with four see-through pockets making it quick and easy to find the piece you are looking for.

It has a dedicated area for your earrings with 40 holes and elastic to secure any long earrings from twisting around. You are also offered multiple bands for your rings and six buckles to store your necklaces safely with an elasticated pouch. The case folds down and enables you to use the included hook and also includes a small acrylic mirror and is finished in a plush foam padded velvet in Peacock blue or Pink.

5. DecorBay Watch & Jewelry Organizer

DecorBay Watch & Jewelry Organizer

For the person who can’t decide what pair of shades or watch you are going to pair with your outfit then maybe the DecorBay Watch & Jewelry Organizer is the right choice for you. This classy yet simple design made from vegan black leather will fit perfectly inside your luggage. Unzip the large wraparound double zipper and you are greeted with a spacious compartmentalized velvety red suede interior.

Inside you will discover a space for four watches with an elastic strap securing them to the top part of the case. Two movable dividers on the lower half allow you to customize your compartments to suit the size and shape of your valuables. You could easily fit in two separate pairs of eyeglasses, multiple bracelets, rings, and maybe even some cufflinks.

6. LANDICI Small Jewelry Box

The LANDICI jewelry box is perfect if you’re a ring lover as there is space for around 14 rings. The large compartments are ideal for bangles and broaches and other large jewelry items. The lid contains seven loops perfect for necklaces with an elasticated pouch to protect the pendants from accidental damage and tangles. 

Made from vegan leather and available in seven different exterior colors, perfect for every mood with a soft luxurious velvet inside, to protect your valuables. Unlike some other bags, this jewelry bag comes with a single popper for easy opening complimenting its minimalist design. 

7. Vlando Travel Jewelry Organizer

If you’re looking for a simple yet multifunctional jewelry case then this is it, with its stylish clutch bag design you can store multiple items with ease. The main zipper bag inside the fold-out organizer is perfect for miscellaneous items such as lipstick, watches, or thick bangles.

There are two elastic pouches for tangle-free storage of your necklaces, a dedicated earring strap for about four average-sized earrings, and a removable ring holder. The Vlando Travel Jewelry Organizer comes in two different sizes and four pastel colors. Both sizes will easily fit inside your checked baggage or carry-on bag.

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