Bali Honeymoon Activities: 9 Things to do for Couples

Bali Honeymoon Activities
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Bali has everything you could ask for from your honeymoon. With its diverse landscape, sultry beaches, and exciting culture, there’s something for every couple. From the sleepy treetops of Ubud to the thriving restaurant scene in Canggu, you won’t be bored. But what activities can you expect to find for you and your other half? 

The exotic paradise is much more affordable than other famous honeymoon havens but is one of the world’s most popular for newlyweds. You can still find five-star accommodation, quality dining, vibrant nightlife, and romance at every turn but for half the price as other luxury destinations and with twice the adventure.

This guide looks at Bali’s best honeymoon activities, from the spectacular areas of natural beauty to getting creative and learning a skill with your loved one. No matter your budget, Bali won’t disappoint, so let’s get into it.   

Enjoy an Intimate Spa Day

Bali Honeymoon Activities
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There’s nothing more relaxing than a good massage, and Bali is famous for its affordable spas but with world-renowned treatments and techniques. But how about making it a romantic experience with a couple’s treatment? Spa treatments can be sensual, so why not turn up the heat together in a steam room or get pampered with a facial side by side. 

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Weddings can be stressful, and after flying halfway across the world, what better way to recover and rejuvenate than starting your honeymoon at the spa? There’s no shortage of excellent facilities all across Bali, whether you want an express mani-pedi at Canggu’s hip Spring Spa or an indulgent hot stone massage in the jungles of Ubud at Jaens Spa. A spa day is one of our favorite Bali honeymoon activities.

Take a Cooking Class

Bali Honeymoon Activities
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Food is a love language for many, but getting close over a hot stove in your kitchen at home isn’t something we always have time to do. So why not take a history lesson through Bali’s rich gastronomic heritage while learning a skill with your loved one at a Balinese cooking class?

Navigate local ingredients, try native delicacies, and bond with your new spouse, but better yet, take your skills home and recreate your magical honeymoon memories in your own kitchen. Flavours of Bali offers unique cooking workshops in a traditional open-air kitchen. You’ll get to make a full day of your lesson, shopping in the market with your loved one and getting a taste for your future married life before cooking up a storm instructed by a certified professional chef.

Or why not make your experience a spiritual one and follow your cooking class with a healing session at Ubad Ubud Cooking School? Receive aura readings and emotional healing to take your relationship with your spouse to the next level.  

Book a Traditional Photoshoot

Bali Honeymoon Activities
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Commemorate your holiday and dress up in a traditional Balinese costume for a couple’s photoshoot at a conventional home. This experience is perfect for couples who want to acknowledge local culture and take photos that will last a lifetime. 

These shoots can be booked all over Bali but typically take place in the photographer’s quaint home villages, where you’ll be welcomed with tea, learn about Balinese houses and village life before getting ready in borrowed local costumes. You’ll then get to capture the moment with a romantic shoot around the village and in the surrounding scenery. 

Make the photoshoot your own and choose the poses you want, whether it be candid, funny, or romantic. You can even schedule the shoot at an impressive monument of your choice, like Ubud’s paddy fields, or on a Uluwatu cliffside to remember your visit.  

Have a Sunset Dinner 

sunset dinner
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There’s no doubt that sunset drives romantic emotions creating a magical atmosphere and bringing people together with their sheer natural beauty. If Bali’s on your radar as a honeymoon spot, chances are you’ll have heard about the breathtaking sunsets that can be found island-wide.

Make the most of everyone’s favorite time of day and book a sunset dinner for you and your loved one on Jimbaran Beach so you can stare into your spouse’s eyes as the sun disappears behind the waves. 

Set to the backdrop of Uluwatu’s majestic limestone cliffs, Jimbaran Bay comes alive at night with tables lit by lanterns lining the sandy shores. Dig your toes into the sand and enjoy some fresh seafood as the day comes to a close.

Visit a Waterfall

waterfall couple
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The waterfalls are one of Bali’s most significant pull factors, and tourists flock to these spectacular natural occurrences every year. There are over 30 major waterfalls on the island, many of which are easily accessible by well-trodden pathways. But some are more difficult to reach, located off the beaten track through jungle walkways and down treacherous steps. These spots promise to be the most romantic and perfect for a secluded honeymoon adventure. 

Most waterfalls have a small entrance fee, but you’ll find fewer crowds and free entry at the more hidden spots. Still, the popular waterfalls will have helpful guides waiting to take your picture and direct your very own couples waterfall shoot on your phone or camera for the price of a small tip. What better way to commemorate your day of adventure?

Sekumpal is Bali’s tallest waterfall and one of the most spectacular. Lush bamboo forest surrounds seven narrow springs in the Buleleng regency in West Lovina. Or take a trip to the more isolated Tegenungan waterfall in the Gianyar Regency instead, famed for its rushing rapids but alluring bathing pool below. Visit in the low season to experience these areas of natural beauty, just your and your loved one.  

Make Eachother Jewelry

jewelery making
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Taking a jewelry-making class with your significant other is not only a great way to bond over a new skill and get close and creative, but it is also a perfect way to set your memories in metal and gift your loved one with a new accessory. As a Bali honeymoon activity, you could even think about making your weddings bands in Bali as a special memento of your marriage that you’ll never forget.

You can find some of the world’s best jewelers in Bali who have been practicing their craft for a lifetime. Masters of silver and gold populate the bohemian villages of Ubud, just waiting to share their skills for an afternoon. Or visit the southeast for Sanur’s coveted Jewellery Studio and drop in on one of their professional daily workshops. Rather than buying souvenirs from market stalls, you’ll know that the jewelry you’ll come away with will be 100 percent unique. Who knows? Maybe you’ll ignite a passion you never knew was there. 

Go to an Outdoor Cinema

Bali Honeymoon Activities
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Catching a new blockbuster on the big screen is every couple’s ideal date night. But what could be more romantic than cuddling up underneath the stars to the sound of the ocean’s waves and watching a cult classic movie at an outdoor cinema in Bali?

We all love a night at the movies, but Bali takes movie night romance to a whole new level with its abundance of pop-up outdoor cinemas that you can find all over the island. Grab a glass of wine and a bucket of gourmet popcorn and watch the sun go down at Ulu Cliffhouse’s luxurious outdoor movie night, perched on the edge of a majestic Uluwatu cliff.

Or venture to East Bali, and catch your favorite Disney movie on a projector screen set to the backdrop of Mount Batur as you curl up in your personal tent at Bali Outdoor Cinema. Outdoor cinemas are perfect for balmy summer nights but make a great Bali honeymoon activity. 

Have a Sunset Horseback Ride

Bali Honeymoon Activities
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You don’t need any experience with horses to enjoy a romantic sunset ride along the beach in Bali. Recreate those famous movie scenes and trot through the shallows with your loved one while you take in the impressive Bali golden hour and these equally majestic animals.

On Berawa Beach, you’ll find plenty of guides waiting to take you for a ride, but you can also book a trip in advance for a more private experience, meandering through the rice fields or a local village if the busy beach isn’t your thing. 

Complete with the breeze in your hair and the sunset on the horizon, embrace Bali’s wild side on horseback with your beau. 

Go on a Helicopter Tour

Bali Honeymoon Activities
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It might be notoriously pricey, even on the Island of God’s, but this is a genuine bucket-list-worthy adventure to share with your significant other. If you’re going to take a helicopter tour anywhere, it should be in Bali, and it should be on your honeymoon.

Helicopter tours will cost around $300 per hour, per person, but they’re well worth the money. Most people will never get to see their own city from the sky, let alone Bali’s vast paddy fields, hidden waterfalls, and wild breaking waves. This unique attraction is easy to book on the island and largely safe, with low winds and pleasant weather being characteristic of Bali’s high season. 

Uluwatu is one of the best spots for an hour or so cruise, but you can see a lot of the island from above, even on a short trip. Grip your loved ones’ hands as you reach for the skies. This promises to be a day you’ll never forget. 

Is Bali suitable for a honeymoon?

Bali is a perfect honeymoon destination and one of the best in the world. There is something for everyone, and the diverse volcanic island offers endless variety and adventure around every turn. Whether you want to laze on the beach, get close and creative, splash out on luxury experiences, or backpack through the jungle, the island caters to all preferences and budgets. There is no shortage of romantic Bali honeymoon activities for you and your loved one to indulge in, both organized package experiences and off-the-beaten-track adventure promising once-in-a-lifetime memories. 

Which part of Bali is best for a honeymoon?

Traveling around Bali makes for an exciting honeymoon getaway. But if you’re looking for a base or somewhere to hide away for a few weeks and enjoy your first few weeks of married life, some spots are better than others. Uluwatu, the wild surfer’s paradise, is also a honeymooner’s haven. You’ll find breathtaking viewpoints, secluded coves, and unbeatable sunsets. Uluwatu is the epitome of luxury, so if you’re looking for a slow-paced honeymoon and proper relaxation, it’s the area to go. 

Ubud is Bali’s spiritual center and a favorite of honeymooners because of the lush jungle settings and magical atmosphere. Isolate yourself from the rest of the world in a tree-top bungalow or take in the rice paddy views from a rose petal bathtub. Ubud has it all. Finally, Nusa Dua, the resort-lined strip of powdery white sands, is tranquil and luxurious and equipped with all the modern amenities newlyweds could want. Spa hotels, water sports, and evening entertainment on the beach made it a go-to destination for honeymooners in Bali. 

How expensive is a honeymoon in Bali?

Bali is mainly affordable compared to other paradise islands like the Maldives and French Polynesia when it comes to honeymooning. With the same crystal clear waters, luxury accommodation, high-quality fusion dining, and romantic couples’ experiences, yet with southeast Asia’s flagship cheaper pricing, Bali is an appealing honeymoon destination. Depending on the type of trip you’re after, a honeymoon to Bali could start at as little as $500 for a seven-night trip, excluding flights. Still, a more luxury honeymoon could exceed $3,000 with five-star lodgings and exuberant activities.

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