The Seven Best Snowboards in 2022 For Icy Conditions

best snowboards for icy conditions
Photo by Mattias Olsson on Unsplash
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If you’re fed up with having to rent a snowboard and want to take it a little more seriously, it’s probably time you started to look at buying your own. While there are so many different types of boards out there, it might be worth thinking about the conditions you are likely to face when you go boarding. Our article looks at the seven best snowboards for icy conditions because you never know when you might hit the ice. 

When buying your own board it’s important to choose the right board for your style, ability, and your physical characteristics. But you’ll also want to take into consideration the snow conditions you’ll be riding in. Ice is just one of these snow conditions that a lot of snowboarders – beginners and professionals – do not really like. If your local mountain is prone to icy conditions, you’ll definitely want a board that can perform well on it. 

All the boards below are good for beginners, intermediates, and advanced riders. They will help you decide which snowboard is best for you and those icy snow conditions you may face.

STAUBER Summit Snowboard

The Stauber Summit Snowboard is a great high-quality all-mountain snowboard. The snowboard features a hybrid rocker profile and twin directional shape making it perfect for all skill levels. The hybrid rocker profile is great for learning how to carve and makes hitting small jumps seem almost effortless.

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The 100% real poplar wood core gives the board a medium flex, while the triaxial layer of fiberglass offers a smoother torsional flex. The camber rocker camber profile helps prevent edge catching and enhances pop. The Stauber summit comes with bindings however, the standard 4-hole insert pattern allows for a wide range of compatible bindings should you wish to interchange them with others. 

VoltSurf 151 All-Mountain “Switchback” Snowboard

VoltSurf believes in creating a contagious and positive relationship between their customers and mother nature and the 151 “Switchback” snowboard does exactly that. This easy-to-ride, fun, yet performance-constructed board seamlessly rides all terrains from peak to powder. The hybrid camber rocker shape improves responsiveness and reduces edge catching. This progressive shape allows riders to easily transition from heel to toe with confidence. The premium sintered base is fused through pressure and not heat resulting in a more durable and faster ride. The 2 x 4 binding pattern with 16 holes allows for a range of foot stances for increased customizable comfort. 

Cabin Mountain Tools Peregrine All-Mountain Snowboard, Forest Green

The peregrine shape blends geometry and technology to deliver high performance in all snow conditions. The Cabin Mountian Tools Peregrine All-Mountain Snowboard is perfect for riders of all abilities. The peregrine has a moderate early-rise camber in the nose for extra float and a progressive side and positive camber to give it trench cutting power. Engineered by legendary board designer Paul Maravetz, you’ll know that you are getting a superior board for a moderate price.

Many customers are super happy with this board and have said it is a real competitor for Arbor and Burton boards. The peregrine is loaded with tech including Carbon45 which provides response and pop and a sintered base which allows the rider to maintain speed. This board is a great all-rounder and can handle whatever conditions you encounter.

Rossignol Myth Women’s Snowboard

The Rossignol Myth Snowboard is one of the best freestyle boards to learn and progress on. It’s perfect for entry-level riders. The soft, twin freestyle flex allows you to easily manipulate your ride no matter which direction you slide. The AmpTek Autoturn has an 80/20 rocker/camber blend for effortless turn initiation as well as an easy, playful ride.

ABS provides enhanced durability while also keeping the core safe from moisture. Rossignol offers nine different wood core profiles to suit specific riding styles. This board is a smooth ride and has a 3/10 flex rating. It’s the perfect board for female riders looking to get started and build up their skills.

Camp Seven 2021 Drifter Snowboard

The Camp Seven 2021 Drifter Snowboard comes with a three-year warranty. It features a rocker profile in the center to free up your contact points for a catch-free ride. It’s then paired with a camber tip and tail for an explosive pop and added control. It contains Camp Seven’s most popular and lightest weight dual density DD2 core with maximum edge hold and durability. Camp Seven have combined their DD2 core and hand-selected poplar wood with artisan grade heartwood stringers down each edge of the board. Paired with Flow’s Alpha MTN bindings and APX snowboot this board is a powerhouse that can take on any snow conditions mother nature decides to throw your way. The Flow Alpha MTN bindings will allow you to effortlessly slide your foot in and ride.

The EVA padded footbeds and hibacks, new upgraded LSR ratchets are easily adjustable and will make this your most comfortable and easy-to-use binding, so you can spend more time snowboarding and less time sitting down messing with your bindings. The ultra-durable APX snowboot combines superior comfort with peak performance. The simple and classic styling of these boots allows them to optimize features such as metal hooks for a superior lace hold and lasting power. They are also combined with thermofit heat moldable liners to keep your feet warm and dry. 

LECAGE Profession Snowboard

The Lecage Profession is a great all-mountain snowboard that’s perfect for beginners. This board can perform on all terrains and features a poplar wood core for strength, reduced weight and extra pop. The biaxial fiberglass provides a more forgiving flex pattern. Its twin shape is perfectly symmetrical and provides an extremely balanced ride whether you ride in regular or switch. This board comes in a range of designs to suit both male and female riders. It has an Austrian wear-resistant anti-collision panel for more durability and to help it last longer. 

Chamonix Lognan Mens Snowboard

The Logan will have you attacking everything on the mountain like a pro. This versatile all-mountain board features a poplar wood core and camber profile for a responsive snap underfoot and smooth turns. It also features a scratch-resistant matte-finished top, keeping your board looking newer for longer. It’s the perfect board for beginners and intermediate riders. The Logan is a board that you will want to ride year after year. The twin shape allows for a more balanced and enjoyable ride. 

snowboards in the ice
Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash

How To Choose The Right Snowboard?

Choosing the right snowboard can seriously transform your experience on the snow. Going from hiring a board to owning your own will allow you to progress faster and enjoy the experience more. With so many different profiles and technologies to choose from it can be hard to know which board will be right for you. So here are some of the main points to consider:

  • Your snowboarding ability – Beginner, Intermediate, Advance
  • The profile of the board – Camber, Reverse Camber, Flat, Hybrid, Camber-Rocker, and 3BT. Each one will provide a different style of riding. Each profile will suit a different snowboarding ability as well as snow conditions.
  • Snowboard Shape – Twin-tip, Directional, Directional Twin
  • Snowboard Flex and riding style – Soft Flex, Medium Flex, Stiff Flex.
  • Snowboard Length and Width – This will depend on your height, weight and boot size.

Once you have taken all these points into consideration you’ll be able to find the snowboard that’s right for you.

Is Camber or Rocker Better For Ice?

It’s not a question of which is better as both can be used together to create a board that will be great no matter what the snow conditions are. Cambered boards are likely to catch an edge whereas a rocker isn’t. Combining the two together creates a much smoother ride and often is better than one or the other. 

Is Snowboarding On Ice Hard?

Snowboarding on ice can be extremely challenging and daunting for those that have never ridden on it. However, it’s a great skill to learn as you never know when you might encounter it. There are a few tips you can implement which will make riding on ice less daunting. 

Tip number one is to distribute your weight evenly. With a neutral posture and relaxed joints it makes it easier to adjust to changing and challenging conditions. 

Tip number two is to loosen your bindings by one click, as this will help you slow down your movements and will allow you to cruise better as fast movements and turns could end up sending you head over heels. 

Tip number three is to change your angle edge. This can be a tricky thing to master but will really help you in the long run. 

Tip number four is to try and ride to the sides of the run.

Tip number five is to always have your body on top of your snowboard, this helps to maintain stability. 

If you follow these tips riding on ice will seem a little easier and once you’ve mastered them you’ll be able to handle any snow condition mother nature throws your way.

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