The 7 Best Travel Garment Steamers For A Wrinkle-Free Vacation

best travel Garment Steamers
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There is nothing worse than picking out a shirt or a dress and finding that it’s creased beyond recognition. You can either get out the iron and ironing board, fill it up with water and spend 10 minutes waiting for it to heat up just to use it for 2 minutes. But not all of us have the luxury of time, plus some hotels don’t have ironing boards or irons available. 

Travel garment steamers are a great alternative to the flat iron. Travel steamers allow you to easily and quickly steam and sterilize your creased garments while on the go. They can be placed into any kind of luggage and come in many different styles, sizes, and powers. They work wonders on all types of fabrics, plus some can even be used to clean some surfaces. 

Take a look at our list of the 7 best travel garment steamers for a wrinkle-free vacation and read some top tips for keeping your travel steamer working for years to come.

Are steamers better than irons?

Steamers and irons effectively do the same thing – they remove wrinkles from garments. But there are several reasons why steamers are better than irons. Take a look at some of them below:

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  1. They won’t damage your clothing – irons require you to pay a lot more attention to what you’re doing than a steamer. You always run the risk of burning or scorching your clothing. If not cleaned regularly, the hot metal plate can become sticky, leaving a residue over your clothes. If the temperature isn’t right and you leave the iron in the same place for too long, it can result in the item burning. However, a steamer is highly unlikely to burn anything, since there is no hot metal coming into contact with your clothing.
  1. It’s maintenance-free – Over time and if not properly cleaned irons can build up a layer of gunk, which can transfer to your clothing. To keep your iron functional it’s important to regularly clean the plate of the iron. Steamers, however, require no such maintenance. 
  1. Easier to Store – Travel steamers are much easier to store. Instead of having to store an ironing board and an iron, all you need to do is put your steamer away on a shelf in a cupboard. It also means that if it’s compact and easy to store then it will be easy to travel with as well. Not all hotels have irons available. 
  1. Multi-functional – While flat irons are useful for de-wrinkling garments, they shouldn’t be used for any other purpose. Steamers, on the other hand, are far more functional. They can have a multitude of uses around the house, from steamer curtains and rugs to bedding, mattresses, and clothing. As well as refreshing all sorts of garments and furniture, you can also use your steamer to sanitize fabrics and some surfaces. 

Top Tips For Wrinkle-Free Clothes

We all want to know the best way to keep our clothes wrinkle-free, and the first step starts with the steamer. Here are 5 top tips for keeping your clothing wrinkle-free and getting the best results from using your handheld travel steamer. 

  1. Allow your steamer to heat up fully. 
  2. Once it has fully heated up, test it out on a kitchen cloth to prevent water spluttering all over your clothes. Always steam in a vertical position.
  3. Be wary of the type of fabric you are steaming. Materials like velvet should never touch the surface of the steamer and silk should always be steamed from the reverse side to avoid water streaks. 
  4. Always use distilled or deionized water instead of tap water. This will help prolong the life of your steamer. Distilled water is readily available from all major grocery stores.
  5. Clean your steamer regularly with white distilled vinegar only. This will also help to prolong the life of your steamer as well as making sure it steams your clothes to the best of its ability. 

1. iSteamer Steamer for Clothes

The iSteamer is the perfect dual-purpose steamer. It heats up in one minute and continually blows steam for 10 minutes. Its compact design means it will fit in any suitcase and is authorized by the Transport Security Administration (TSA) to store in carry-on luggage. The water tank can hold up to 120ml of water and can deliver a great 900 watts of power.

For safety, there is an automatic shut-off feature to stop the steamer from overheating. The 8-foot cord allows you to move around large items with ease. Beyond steaming clothes, the iSteamer can also be used on curtains, drapes, upholstery, carpets, table clothes, bedding, and mattresses. The iSteamer also comes with a 3-year warranty.

2. Black & Decker Handheld Garment Steamer

If you’re looking for something that will handle heavier materials, then the Black & Decker Handheld Garment Steamer is the option for you. This steamer warms up in less than a minute and delivers 1000 watts of power. It automatically shuts off after 15 minutes of inactivity so you’ll be safe in the knowledge that if you leave it turned on, it will switch itself off.

The water tank holds up 160ml of water and can be easily removed for filling. It comes with a range of attachments for different fabrics, and the trigger can be locked in place to provide a continuous flow of steam. The slim design of this steamer allows it to be easily packed into any luggage.

3. Rowenta DR8080 Handheld Steamer

This powerful steamer heats up in just 45 seconds and releases steam for up to 10 minutes. The Rowenta DR8080 is very lightweight at only 2.2 pounds. While a lot of steamers say you should use distilled water, this steamer works just as well on tap water, making it the perfect travel companion when staying in hotels.

The steamer comes with handy accessories such as a fabric brush to smooth out wrinkles, a lint pad to remove lint, hair, and other unwanted objects found on garments, and a steam bonnet to prevent stains on your clothes from dripping water. You can change the power of the steam or change steaming modes to handle a range of fabrics. 

4. Highlife Mini Travel Steamer

The Highlife Mini Travel Steamer boasts a long steam time of 15 minutes and can hold 240ml of water. The 9-foot power cord allows you to move around your garments with ease. It delivers 700 watts of power for soft and long-lasting steam. The lightweight and compact design allow for easy storage and portability.

The highlife mini steamer isn’t just great for clothes, it can also be used on a multitude of other fabrics. It comes with a cut and brush and the price tag won’t break the bank either. With over 30,000 5-star reviews it’s safe to say this travel steamer is a consumer favorite. 

5. Conair Smart Pro Garment Steamer

Don’t sacrifice style for adventure, the Conair Smart Pro Garment Steamer will keep your clothes looking great no matter where you are. This 450-watt travel steamer comes with a detachable bristle and lint brush to get your garment wrinkle-free and looking new.

The multi-directional vents allow the device to steam your garments at several different angles. Its dual-voltage capacity makes it a perfect companion for international travel. Its easy-to-use design and cheap price tag, make this the perfect no-frills travel steamer that even a beginner can use. 

6. URPOWER Garment Steamer

The URPOWER Garment Steamer might not be the fastest steamer to warm up or the prettiest, it does exactly what it’s supposed to do. With a price tag of under $30, it’s certainly a cheaper option than some others on this list.

The nozzle design means steam can be distributed powerfully and consistently to remove even the most stubborn of wrinkles. The steamer has an automatic shut-off when it overheats or the water level is too low. It’s safe to use on all types of fabrics and has a 130ml capacity water tank. The URPOWER steamer comes with a 2-year warranty. Its compact size means it will fit in any suitcase and is easy to carry.

7. Sunbeam Power Steam Fabric Steamer

If you tend to steam multiple items of clothing at a time the Power Steam Fabric Steamer will help speed up this process. This steamer heats up in under a minute and delivers a continuous flow of steam for up to 15 minutes due to its large water tank.

It features a heated bar just above the steam slot to press out stubborn wrinkles and indicator lights to let you know when the steamer is up to temperature and ready to use. Along with the usual lint and bristle brush, the steamer also comes with a steam guard, an over-the-door pressing pad, and a creaser. The Sunbeam steamer also comes with a 3-year warranty.

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